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Designs Inspired by Young Adults with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities

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SOcks with a story, purpose and opportunity

All Designs and Sock Stories are Inspired by Young Adults with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities

Since 2015 Team ZiNG has been working with students and graduates with autism and other developmental disabilities teaching them the fundamentals of starting a business and everything that goes into operating one.

As part of the experience, students and graduates get to gain experience in all departments of the business from product design to sales and marketing. By receiving hands on training and working in all areas of the company the students are able to develop a passion and help define the path in business that best suits them. 

With every purchase, not only do you add a little style and comfort but most importantly you give young adults with autism and other developmental disabilities the opportunity to gain valuable education and experience in the world of business.

Giving back to the community is something ZiNG is very passionate about and everyday we focus on new ways to make a difference.  


Combed Cotton Rich Blend

Cooling Effect: Absorbs the Outside Air to Help Create Circulation

Spandex Hug: Developed to Create a Natural Grip 

Defense: Layer of Rubber Cushion for Extra Comfort

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The styles are super fun and it’s very affordable.

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ZiNG is doing something very special in the community and the product is top notch

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